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Service Groups

Serve Our Community

While we certainly minister to our church family, we also believe we have a wider responsibility to be kind, compassionate, and loving neighbors to our community. The following programs are organized to benefit those in need within our church family as well as all in our wider community. As many as 80% of Iosco County doesn't have a church they call home - we want to be a witness to all those people and make sure they know they're welcome at New Hope.


We'd love to have your help in any (or all!) of the following projects. Many are seasonal, so contact the office to volunteer, or keep an eye out for notices on the calendar and during services.

Bountiful Harvest: Collects and distributes Thanksgiving meals every November.

Hamburger Helpers: Collects, prepares, and distributes donated venison to those in need each fall. 

Operation Backpack: Provides backpacks filled with school supplies right before school starts each year. 

Salvation Army Christmas Bell Ringers: Help by ringing the bell and watching the bucket for Christmastime donations in the community. Bundle up and go by yourself, a friend, or your kids.

Serve Beyond

"Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations..." ~ Matthew 28:19

We take the Great Commission very seriously, and feel that while ministering to our church family and local community are incredible important, it's equally important to God that we go beyond our comfort zone and into the world to spread His word and love.


No one serves on a mission without being affected - often deeply - by their experience. While the intent of a mission is to provide value to the people you're serving, so many individuals come back with lessons learned and a spiritual growth that leaves them feeling enriched beyond measure. If you have questions about the next mission opportunity, what's involved, or if it's a good fit for you, contact the church office to get in touch with our mission leaders. 

Salvation Army Bed & Bread Trips: travel to Detroit for an overnight trip filled with food preparation and delivery to those in need who count on the Salvation Army for a meal each day. We usually go in groups of 6-12 volunteers from New Hope.

Compassion Child: support two children so that they stay in school, receive medical care, receive nourishing food, have access to mentoring and a safe environment through a local evangelical church and the opportunity to hear the gospel. 

Samaritan's Purse: Disaster Relief - response teams travel to areas hit by natural disasters to help people recover through clean-up, construction, meal preparation and serving, whatever it takes to help people recover from a challenge.

Engage Africa: Africa is the second most populous and second largest continent on the globe, but it also has some of the world’s greatest humanitarian needs. God is helping missionaries shine the light of the gospel into people’s lives in ways that meet both their spiritual and physical needs. New Hope supports Engage Africa and has great success stories from members who have experienced short term missions. 

Child/Community Sponsorship: learn how to sponsor a child or a community through organizations like Heifer International.


Operation Christmas Child: Our team works year around to gather items to pack into the shoe boxes that make their way around the world and into the hands of thrilled kids in places where people may not know Christ. Sometimes the boxes are distributed in orphanages and other at-risk areas. No matter where the boxes end up, they are a catalyst for many young lives to be transformed by God's love and your generosity. 

Support Operation Christmas Child throughout the year - the OCC team collects key items each month that we'll use to build the boxes in late fall. You can drop off items at the events table in the Worship Center on Sundays. Thanks for your support of this incredible program!

February items: note pads, small coloring books, stickers

March items: deflated soccer balls, hair accessories

April items:  dolls, toothbrushes, toothbrush containers

May items: sunglasses, Play-doh

June items: t-shirts, yo-yos

July items: jump ropes, flip-flops

August items: stuffed animals, wash cloths

September items: toy cars/vehicles, crayons, pens

October items: small puzzles, bar soap, soap containers

Ready to Get Involved?

Please reach out to for more information and to indicate your desire to serve!

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